Tuesday, April 3, 2007

MindJet's Mind Manager

My former boss and good friend starting using MindJet's Mind Manager and got me using it.

Now, more than one year on, I am still scratching the surface on this excellent tool's features and abilities.

I find myself using it for the traditional uses of brainstorming and defining scope, and initial work breakdown structure, for project initiation.

Having listened to Dina on Mind Manager, an interview with Tim Bombosch, I have taken the time to listen to a couple of the webinars available on the MindJet website. The series looks to be shaping up nicely.

I would recommend the following webinars to learn more of the ability of the software

  • Creating a Project Dashboard
  • Running Effective Project Team Meetings
  • Planning & Initiating projects
  • Improve Project Performance - Integrate Mind Manager with MS Project
Now with some of these new features at hand I will using my software for
  • Managing meetings more effectively
  • Project Dashboard
  • Knowledge Management
  • Resource tracking - applying some of MT's tools.


Gaelen said...

Hi David,

I work for Mindjet, makers of MindManager, and just came across your blog posting today and wanted to say hello. Thanks for your interest and support in the Mindjet webinars. You'll continue to see quality content from us, including many more planned around the area of project management. Drop me a line if you'd like to share any more feedback at: gaelen.oconnell@mindjet.com


Bruno Heufelder said...

Hi David,
thanks for your good post.
Unfortunately I could not find the webinars that you mention, fond others. It looks like minjet changed the Website. Any idea where they went?

Thanks and Regards, Bruno

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just to mention that MindManager 9 is here, go to www.flexusgroup.com they have a super promo

Henry J. said...

Hey all,

Not sure about others but I can't stand timewasting so I try to get my hands on any tool that will be of benefit. Now I know you have to learn to spend your time wisely before you can save a given amount of time in a day. But in my line of work I don't have time to make dashboards from scratch, or put brand new maps every time I launch a new project. I love MindManager and I love it even more that I am using a third party development called Project Mapping. Its red hot for maximizing project time and outcomes. Think the website is smartermindsolutions.com Hope this helps.