Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is it time to declare email Bankruptcy??

Sometime the e in email means enough.

One of the trends is to declare email bankruptcy.

If you've sent me an email (and you aren't my wife, partner or colleague), you might want to send it again. I am starting over
Capitalist Fred Wilson speaking to the Wall Street Journal.

The volume of email has doubled in the last ten years and with Blackberry becomes more and more common place the pressure for immediate replies is more intense than ever.

  • Delete old email
  • Start afresh
  • return to voice communication and face to face where possible
  • process effectively, think who you need to include and what level of detail is required
  • avoid the use of reply to all
  • help others, if you need them to do something include them on the To: line
  • help other, if you are having them as FYI
      • Do they need to know?
      • If you're sure have them on CC:
  • State clearly the action to allow people to scan for their name and what you need them to do
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