Friday, June 22, 2007

People: Feedback... is a gift

What is feedback?

Many people assign negative responses to feedback because feedback is "criticism".

People readily accept praise - praise is simply positive feedback.

Feedback is an art and not well performed by many people today and above all it's a gift as it gives something tangible about our behaviours to work with.

Key points:

  • Feedback is not the delivery it is the reception
  • It's about the behaviour not the person
    • designed to continue postiive/effective behaviours
    • designed to change or adjust negative/ineffective behaviours
The other point to remember is that it is the recipient that owns the behaviour and therefore they need to be engaged when feedback is being communicated.
"communication is what the listener does"
Peter Drucker on communication

To get the recipient engaged they need to be ready to receive the feedback, therefore always ask if you can deliver feedback to them. This means that you need to treat traditional feedback and praise (positive feedback) in a consistent manner. Don't be easily read such that by asking the person assumes that the feedback is going to be negative, otherwise they won't be listening.

Mark and Mike @Manager Tools have a great podcast on the subject, well worth listening to.

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Anonymous said...

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