Friday, December 14, 2007

Useful Excel Tools - Making Management Easier

I have been using little Excel tools that I have put together to help track holiday for myself and my directs.

Following on from the variations I have generated for David Seah's Compact Calendar there is a great use for the neat solution he has put together.

Over and above country specific version it would be very easy to generate employee specific versions that help you keep track of when and when they're in the office. The table used in the compact calendar can easily accommodate inserted rows to include personal vacation.

I started out with a different tracking spreadsheet which you can download from here.

The top bar is generated for the total amount of holiday each person (in their own tab) has. The bottom bar changes as you add the holiday record as people request the time off. Helped me keep track of how close people were to using their leave up. Also helps me remind people to plan as the year end approaches and the carry over limit from one year to the next is announced.

If there any comments or suggestions on improvements/other usage please feel free to contact me.


Loolah said...

Hi, this looks just like what I'm looking for however the link to Fileden seems to be broken. I guess they have a time limit on how long they make things available for. Is there anywhere else that this might be available please?

Many thanks!

Padmanaban said...

I use some of the macros in my excel. Also its a great tool for management persons and job seeker

grego said...


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